Day Eight

April 2 – Eight Days Old

Lexi fed her babies again last night. This morning they were all fat and sleeping and cuddled in the nest. We now know what colors they will all be. There is one orange, one cream, one black tort, two broken orange and one broken blue torts. The orange looks just like her mother Lexi, and the broken orange looks just like her dad, Brynn. They are all just so cute. I really like standing over the cage watching them sleep. Sometimes they twitch or move about or wiggle, but most of the time they are just sleeping in a cute heap. Every night right before we go to bed, we do one last check of the kits. Tonight we found five in the nest. I searched the entire nest box, moving hay and feeling under the hay for the sixth kit, but there was no baby bunny in the nest box. Finally I looked around the cage. In the back corner of the back part of the cage was the tiny cream colored bunny. She must have teat rode there because there is no way she would have been able to get out of the nest box and then up the ramp to the back room of the large cage. I reached in and lifted her warm, soft body and put her back in the nest. I could just feel her contentness as she wiggled and then snuggled back with her siblings in the nest.

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