Andrea Stetson

Day 70

June 3 – Day 70 The baby bunnies are 10 weeks old today. They are no longer really babies. They are old enough to go to new homes. We have not found homes yet, but I did make today a moving day. The kits are really getting too big to all be in the cage …

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Day 69

June 2 – Day 69 When they get back to their cage after bunny playtime they all scurry to drink water and eat hay. I still have the water bowl in the cage because Lexi does not know how to drink from the water bottle. I have been trying to teach her for many months, …

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Day 68

June 1 – Day 68 Another group shot taken by putting the kits on the rocking chair. They are so active, that it is still the only way now to get a group shot. I hand them spinach when they are playing in the den, but they all seem to come over to me for …

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Day 67

May 31 – Day 67 I have been having Samantha join the kits for bunny playtime recently. I want them to all know each other so when some of them move into her cage, they will already be friends. Samantha has been cleaning them and cuddling with them so it looks good

Day 66

May 30 – Day 66 When bunny playtime is over each evening, I put the carrier on the ground and say “Playtime is Over”. Then all the baby bunnies hop over to the carrier and jump in. Then I can transport them back to their cage. It is so cute the way they all run …

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Day 65

May 29 –Day 65 The kits are all really finally learning how to drink from the water bottle. I know Penelope and Willow really know how to do it. I see them use the water bottle almost every day now. I have seen Ellie do it a few times. I need to keep watching Quynn …

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Day 64

May 28 – Day 64 Quynn is the biggest of the baby bunnies. She has a little white on the side and front of her nose. It seems like the white patch on her nose has gotten bigger. Max has a little white on the bottom of his nose now. He is much smaller, and …

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Day 63

May 27 – Day 63 . The kits are now nine weeks old. I did a sex check again and it looks like Penelope is a girl. That is really great because now we will keep her and she can live with Samantha. The plan is for Willow to live with Lexi and Penelope to …

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Day 62

May 26 – Day 62         I took dozens and dozens of individual photos of the bunnies today and then some group shots. I put each bunny on the table on the lanai and positioned their ears to show how long and beautiful they are. Then I snapped photo after photo. I want to capture these …

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Day 61

May 25 – Day 61 I tried getting photos of the bunnies all together during bunny playtime in the den, but they are never together in the same area. So I put them all on the chair and snapped a few photos. Every evening I put them all in the carrying case and bring them …

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