Day 70

June 3 – Day 70

The baby bunnies are 10 weeks old today. They are no longer really babies. They are old enough to go to new homes. We have not found homes yet, but I did make today a moving day. The kits are really getting too big to all be in the cage with their mother. So I put Penelope and Max in the cage with Samantha. Now instead of six bunnies in a cage, there are three in one cage and four in the other. Lexi still has Willow, Quynn and Ellie in her cage. The transition went really well and Penelope and Max were eating hay and snuggling with Samantha right away.

It is really amazing. Ten weeks ago the kits were just the size of my thumb. They had no fur. They could not see or hear, or hop. They just lay cuddled together in the nest box waiting for their mommy milk. Now 10 weeks later, they are so big and almost adult like. They are healthy and happy and so much fun to be with.

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