When Andrea Stetson’s daughter was four years old she found a book in the library that she never wanted to stop reading. That book was out of print and hard to find anywhere else. That’s what sparked LEXI LOP AND THE BEST LIBRARY BOOK EVER.  A sweet, heartwarming event at a local egg hunt was the inspiration of LEXI LOP AND THE BEST EGG HUNT EVER.  The Lexi Lop stories all come from unique and interesting experiences with her children, Kristyn and Alexander. This is the first book in the Lexi Lop series.
The photos in the stories are of the many English lop bunnies that live in the Stetson home in North Naples, Florida. Even the Stetson dog Jeannie makes a cameo in the books.
Andrea Stetson has a bachelor’s degree in communications/journalism from Northwestern University and a master’s degree in broadcast journalism from NYU. She has worked for ABC and CBS affiliates in Florida and Pennsylvania. For the past 25 years she has written for a newspaper in Southwest, Florida. She also writes for Southwest Florida Parent & Child magazine and Grandeur magazine. Andrea has won the Newsmaker Award for distinguished news coverage of public education in Florida, the Media Award for Hurricane Coverage for the News-Press, and the Gold and Bronze awards from Parenting Publications of America for stories in the parenting magazine.
Her hobbies include traveling, swimming, boating, pickleball, reading, playing with the bunnies and dog, volunteering with her Read to Rabbits program, and of course being with her family that is the inspiration for her books.