Day Seven

April 1 – Seven Days Old

We woke up early this morning even though it was a Saturday because we had to help Lexi feed the bunnies, but when I got to the cage all the bunnies were well fed and sleeping happily in the nest. Lexi finally figured it out. Either she finally realized that she had to feed her kits, or she wanted to do it on her own time schedule, instead of ours. Either way she is doing her mommy duties and we didn’t have to do a feeding this morning. This evening they were looking a bit skinny so we decided to do one more feeding. In case she didn’t feed them tonight, we wanted them to have enough nourishment to get through the night. After we fed them, we put them in a little bin with hay so I could clean the nest box. While I was cleaning the box, we made another discovery. For the past few days we thought that Lexi had been peeing on her babies. But tonight while Kristyn held the little bin in her lap with the bunnies, she saw one of them pee and since they were all snuggled in the hay in a heap, within seconds they were all covered in pee. So once again we had to get warm water and cloths and wipe them clean and then dry them. It is amazing how much a tiny kit can pee. Every kit was sticky and when we wiped them, the cloths turned yellow. Once they were clean and dry we put them in their nest box, where they all cuddled in a heap and went to sleep.

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