Day Six

March 31 – Six Days Old

The bunnies are so beautiful  with a variety of colors. After the morning nursing, they pawed around in the nest for a while looking for a comfortable position, before setting down in a heap to sleep. Usually after they eat and their bellies are full, they are very sleepy. They just pile on top of each other in a heap and fall asleep. Every once in a while one will move and then the others will move a bit too, but most of the time they are quiet and peaceful. We have to do the morning feeding at about 6:45 a.m. because Kristyn, my daughter, who is helping me needs to leave to teach school by about 7:10. So we use a flashlight to see everything. In the evening we usually feed at about 8 p.m. so again it is dark. But in nature bunnies usually only feed their kits when it is dark and night, so this makes it more natural. I am glad Lexi is so good when we do the feedings.

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