Day Nine

April 3 – Nine Days Old

This morning Kristyn found two of the kits outside of the nest on the side of the nest box. Luckily I had anticipated that some might start getting out of the nest box, so I lined the entire front part of the cage with a layer of hay so if they did get out they would not be on the wire. So those to escapees were just snuggling on the hay outside the nest box. Kristyn put them back in the nest where they curled up and went back to sleep. We check on them throughout the day, both to make sure they are in the nest and to just admire them. When we stand there watching them, Lexi will jump out of her cage and hope around the lanai for a short time. Then she goes back in her cage and sits in the back room away from the nest which is in the front room of her cage. She is always very interested in looking at her babies when we are admiring them.

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