Day 35

April 29 – Day 35

The kits are five weeks old. This morning as they played in the den, I took them one at a time and tried to determine their sex. The females will have a little slit while the males will have more of a circle when you put a bit of pressure in the privates area. It is really too early to be sure, but right now it looks like Willow and Quynn are does and Penelope and Charisse are bucks, and Ellie is just too small to tell at all. If Penelope and Charisse are really bucks they will need new names – boy names, but we won’t change their names until we are sure.

The kits are so excited about getting their fox milk in the evening that we decided they were ready to graduate from the syringe. So we put a little bit of the milk in a clean jam lid and the kits soon learned to lap it up themselves. This saves a lot of time since we don’t have to fill each syringe and feed the kits one at a time. They just quickly lap it up and lick every bit of that lid clean.

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