Day 27

April 21 – 27 Days Old

Lexi is our only bunny that does not know how to drink from a water bottle. We tried for months to teach her. We would put little pieces of pineapple in the tip of the nozzle hoping as she ate the pineapple and water came out, she would understand how to use a water bottle, but it never worked. So Lexi had a crock of water attached to the side of the cage. For the little kits I put a food bowl with water since the crock is high up. But Willow and Quynn have decided that they like to jump up into the crock and sit in the water and drink. The other kits use the little green water bowl. It’s so cute to see Willow or Quynn sitting in the crock of water drinking and then jumping down with their little wet feet.

Little Lexi was playing in the cage this morning. She was playing when I checked on them at 2 p.m. and again at 4 p.m., but when my daughter went to the cage at 8 p.m. Little Lexi was laying on her side and looked dead. I picked her up and she was still alive, but started to have seizures. She arched her back and her head went almost to her tail as a back bend. I held her for two hours as she had several seizures and finally took her last breathe. I just don’t know what could have happened. She was a healthy kit. She seemed to be eating well and hopping around the cage. She seemed just fine. I usually worry about the kits for the first two weeks. That is when I fear they might not get enough milk or be so fragile that teat riding could hurt them. But at four weeks old, I don’t have that fear as much. All six kits were so healthy. Even though Ellie is smaller than the rest, she is still alert and hopping. Lexi was one of the bigger kits and was definitely healthy. It was just so sad an unexpected.

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