Day 19

April 13 – 19 Days Old

When I got up this morning, I had no idea where the kits would be since when I left them last night, they were running around the entire cage. But when I opened the cage this morning they were all in the nest box, in a heap, asleep. So I guess they know how to run around the cage and then find the nest box when they want to rest.

The kits ate oats out of my hand this evening. I was not sure they were ready until I saw some of them nibbling at some of the hay this afternoon. So I thought I would give it a try. Oats are the first thing we try since they are too young to eat the rabbit pellet food. I picked up Penelope first and held her in my hands. I had a few oats in my hand. She immediately began munching on the oats. She ate a few and then squirmed to get down so I put her back in the cage and picked up little Lexi who did the same thing. One by one I picked up the kits and they ate from my hand. Ellie was the only one that took a few second to understand that what was in my hand was edible. She sort of sniffed at it and moved around and finally took a little nibble and then realized it was yummy and then ate a few oats.

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