Day 18

April 12 – 18 Days Old

This afternoon, Lexi was at the end of the nest box eating hay. The kits were on the other side of the box sleeping. But soon two of them woke up and raced over to mom and began nursing. Soon a third kit dove under her mom’s tummy to get some milk. After a couple of minutes, Lexi decided it was not worth eating hay with bunnies suckling at her so she leapt out of the nest box and into the back room.

Every evening when I finish cleaning out the nest box and making a new clean nest, I put the babies back in for the night. They squirm around a bit looking for a comfortable spot. Some of them dig through the hay and cedar chips as if trying to bury themselves. They wiggle for a  few minutes and then all settle in a heap. But tonight was different. When I put them in the nest box they all ran out. Two jumped over the side of the nest box. Two ran to the end and hopped over the shorter front side and two just ran around in the nest box. I put them back a few times, but they just didn’t want to stay so I just left them to run around, hoping that they would eventually go back in the nest box and go to sleep.

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