Super Six

March 25

What a surprise. I went to feed the bunnies this morning and inside Lexi and Samantha’s cage were six round, pink baby bunnies. We have not had a litter for years. If a doe is put in with Peter, all he does is cuddle and has no desire to mate with her. If a doe is with Finnegan he either ignores it or might nuzzle its face. Brynn was thought to be a boy until he was about six months old and was such a slow bloomer that he had no interest in anything. But I guess Brynn is now a faster bloomer because at some point he mated one of the does. We thought it was Samantha because Lexi is just seven months old. Samantha is a year old and ready for mating. We looked at their undersides to see if there was any aftermath of a birth, but we didn’t see one. We combed fur on the dulop and other parts of the body of each bunny to see which one was losing fur to build a nest. Neither bunny had any loose fur. Whoever gave birth did not pull any fur to make a nest. Finally we checked their teats. Samantha had such small teats, you could barely see them. Lexi had fat round teats that leaked a little milk. That gave us our answer. We put Samantha in another cage and Lexi stayed with her kits. We built a nest in a nest box and put the kits in the nest. They looked healthy, but I had no idea if a seven-month-old first time bunny mother would nurse her young. I kept checking on the kits all day, and they remained snuggled in the nest while Lexi watched from the other room in her cage.

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