Day One

March 26 – One Day Old

The bunnies are looking small and wrinkled. I don’t think they got fed last night. They won’t last long without their milk. Lexi is super friendly and is used to being cuddled and loved. So we took her out of her cage and put her on a mat. We gave her a few treats and then put the bunnies under her, three on each side. They immediately began rummaging around quickly looking for a teat and soon settled down and started sucking. We watched as their bellies became rounder and rounder. Soon you could see the little milk lines in their bellies. It was so cool to watch them get rounder and milkier. After about five minutes Lexi had enough and started to move around so we ended the milking session. We put the kits back in the nest, where the sleepy, full of milk babies, soon went to sleep. We did another nursing session in the evening so they would have nourishment to last through the night.

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