Day 52

May 16 – 52 Days Old

Kristyn brought her dog Khloey into the den this evening for bunny playtime. Khloey kissed all the bunnies and some of the bunnies kissed her. She was so gentle with all of them. Two of them climbed on her back and then sat on her back and she just sat there letting them be on top of her. She went up to each one to give them a kiss and sniff them. But the funniest thing was when some of them went under her and tried to nurse. Khloey was a Puerto Rican Street dog. She was found when she was a year old in an abandoned shed with seven puppies. A dog rescue in Puerto Rico took her and her puppies to a shelter on that island and later Khloey was flown to Humane Society Naples where my daughter adopted her. So Khloey has always had teats that hang down. Dogs that have given birth never lose the teats. Even though she is spayed, she still has them. So when some of the bunnies saw those big teats, they hopped under her and tried to nurse.

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