Day 16

April 10 – 16 Days Old

Kristyn’s friend Ashley came over this morning and we all sat on the couch holding the kits. Ashley liked Willow, the black tort best. It seems that everyone is infatuated with this bunny. When I messaged Deana, the bunny lady from Harmony, Florida, she said black torts were her favorite. When Naila, our little neighbor comes to visit, she always says Willow is her favorite and now Ashley says that if she adopts one she wants Willow. Ashley has a bunny and is thinking about getting a friend for Thumper. I don’t really have a favorite. I love the way little Lexi looks just like her mom. I love Penelope, the cream colored bunny, because I never had one that color. Willow is cool because she is so much darker in color than the rest of the litter and her coloring is so pretty. And the three broken orange bunnies, that look like their dad, are also so pretty with their unique spotted markings. The bunnies all cuddled in our hands. I love the way they smell of cedar chips. I love the way they cuddle with each other and the way they snuggle against us when we hold them.

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