Day 14

April 8 – 14 Days Old

Two weeks is when I feel more confident that they will live. They are so much bigger and stronger now. Their eyes are open so they can move around and find their mother when they are hungry. The only danger they might have is injury if they are teat riding. But the cage has hay everywhere in the front room and I put a rubber mat in the back room so everything is soft and safe for them. Their colors are becoming more pronounced. The black tort is the most recognizable since she is so dark in color. The orange looks just like Lexi and the cream is just a bit lighter. The three broken colored ones are harder to distinguish. They look like two broken orange and one broken blue tort, but in some lights it looks like it might be three broken orange kits. The only way to tell them apart is one is a bit darker and one has a much whiter face. But with those three you really have to examine them closely to tell them apart.

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