Lexi Lop and the Best Library Book Ever

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There’s always that one book that a child wants read 1,001 times. ┬áLexi finds that book in the library and never wants to give it back. When it finally has to be returned Lexi goes on an unique adventure to find the best book ever. Exuberant, strong, quirky, yet sweet, children will fall in love with little Lexi and hopefully make this the book they never want to stop reading.

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1 review for Lexi Lop and the Best Library Book Ever

  1. Kathy O’Neill

    Lexi Lop is a delightful book about a little girl who is passionate about reading and persistent about finding a copy of her favorite book to have as her own. The photos of the bunnies in the library setting are truly unique. This is a great book for young children, either in a one-on-one setting or for reading aloud to a group. The text is simple, but moves along nicely. Lexi’s pursuit takes some turns, but the problem is conquered in the end. I think children will look forward to reading more of Lexi’s adventures.

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