Day 30

April 24 – Day 30

In the morning we give Ellie and Penelope some fox milk and then in the evening we give all five kits some nourishment. Ellie and Penelope are smaller and we think they just need that extra boost in the morning. The other three are much bigger and just need a little in the evening. When they were really tiny, it was hard to feed them. We had to slowly slide the tip of the syringe in the side of their mouth and squirt a very tiny bit and wait until they sucked at it. We had to hold them upside down. After they ate we had to gently rub their bellies with a warm wet cotton ball to stimulate them to pee. Now they just sit on the table and slurp right from the syringe. They even grab on to the syringe so when it is empty and we need to fill it, we have to get them to let go. We don’t have to use the warm water for stimulation anymore. Feeding is a lot easier. We are dong four tiny syringes of fox milk for each kit and they are loving it.

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