Day 29

April 23 – Day 29

This morning and this evening we made fox milk for the kits and gave them a little boost of milk. I let the kits have some free time to run around the den. This was their first time hopping around outside of their cage. We had been holding them so they get used to people, but I wanted them to get some exercise. The den is the best place because there is not much they can get into. They five kits hopped all around the den. They scampered so fast. They were curious, checking out the books on the bookshelf and some boxes. Penelope got tired after a while and sat by the bunny carrier, but she seemed alert and content to sit after about 15 minutes of hopping. The other scampered around for about 30 minutes. They often came up to me to nuzzle against my legs before hopping off to explore some more.

As they ran around, I noticed that Ellie’s ears stick up more than the others. Quynn and Penelope have both ears flopped to one side, which is common in the small English Lop kits, but Ellie’s ears are so funny looking. They go up a tiny bit before flopping down.

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