Day 23

April 17 – 23 Days Old

We brought Lexi to the soft turquoise mat this morning and put down her food bowl. Then we put Ellie under her to nurse. We added little Lexi to help Ellie get the milk to flow. It takes a few minutes of sucking for the milk to start flowing, so by having a larger, stronger bunny nurse too, it helps get the milk flowing faster. So Ellie got to nurse for about five minutes without all of her other stronger siblings. We know Lexi is nursing her kits, but we think that because the other baby bunnies are so much bigger and stronger, Ellie is probably not getting the nourishment she needs. Hopefully these supplemental nursings and using the fox milk will help her get bigger and stronger. Lexi does not seem to mind. If her food bowl is in front of her, she just concentrates on eating and lets Ellie and one other bunny nurse.

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