Day 22

April 16 – 22 Days Old

The bunnies are getting so much bigger. Their feet are huge, their heads are larger and their bodies keep getting longer. But Ellie is not growing that way. While the other five look like three week olds, Ellie looks like she is about two weeks old. It’s not only her appearance. It is the way she moves. She does hop out of the nest box with her siblings, but her hops are smaller and a little bit less steady. Ellie, a broken orange kit, was always one of the smallest, but now the difference has become much more pronounced. So we wanted to help her on her journey to growing up big and strong. We started supplementing her diet with the fox milk that a breeder recommended. We have a small syringe with a special feeding tip. We mix the fox milk with warm water and then slip the syringe into the side of her mouth. Putting it in the side of her mouth rather than directly in the front keeps her from getting it too fast and having it get into her lungs. At first she resisted having something in her mouth, but she soon realized it was yummy and began pulling at the syringe. She ate two and a half small syringes of milk. We hope that if we do this for a few days, she will be stronger so when Lexi comes to nurse the kits, Ellie won’t get pushed away by her stronger siblings.

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