Day Two

March 27 – Two Days Old

Under the dark morning sky, we lay out the mat, set up a flashlight and did another milking session. Every time I watch, it is amazing to see the small wrinkly tummies get rounder and rounder until they look like a little Pillsbury Dough Boy belly. Their pinkish bellies get that white line or blob that shows they have milk in their bodies. When they are done nursing, we take a cloth and dip it in warm water and gently clean their lower bellies. That is supposed to stimulate them to pee or poop. A mother bunny will lick her babies to do that, but since we are doing a more unnatural feeding, we took on the chore. The kits are starting to get some fur, but it is really too early to tell what color they will be. We think one is a black tort. She is so much darker than the other bunnies. But the rest we just don’t know about yet.

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